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H1: ITC Avant Garde, Bold - 66px
Upcoming Shows

H2: Knockout 68, Full Featherweight - 67px
Sarasota, Fla.

H2-Light: Knockout 47, Bantam Featherweight - 67px
Nov 17-29, 2023

H3: Knockout 68, Full Featherweight - 60px
Tue Aug 29

H4: Knockout 47, Bantam Featherweight - 44px
Lufkin, TX. 7pm

H5: ITC Avant Garde, Bold - 40px
90 Minutes Of The Ultimate Family Fun!
H6: Futura, Bold - 13px
Four States Fairgrounds Arena

Body: Roboto, Regular 16px-
Our exciting 90 minute shows are presented on annual tours from coast to coast and border to border by local Shrine Centers and Clubs, police and fire associations, civic clubs and organizations, merchant associations, local presenters and venues.

“We Always Strive To Showcase The Rhoncus, Id Lorus Tristique Ex Torus Tolor Enius Romas”

Jody Jordan / Producer

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